"Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched"

UChicago Weekend: March 8 through March 9, 2015

Make UChicago Home

Welcome to the University of Chicago! The goal of this weekend is to introduce you to current students and faculty, and to help you envision your life as an UChicago graduate or professional student.  You are about to experience an intellectual community that has launched some of the world’s most accomplished and respected leaders.  This premiere institution is the home of scholarship that breaks ground, crosses boundaries, and asks all involved to contribute to solving the world’s biggest problems. This spirit of inquiry connects you to innovative research opportunities and diverse, visionary faculty, and it leads to discoveries that enrich human life around the globe. 

This visit will showcase UChicago’s commitment towards having a diverse community engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and rigorous inquiry into society’s most pressing challenges. At the end of the weekend, we hope that you will a glimpse of the exceptional level of interdisciplinary collegiality that exists on our campus.  We also hope that you will feel encouraged to become a member of this diverse community of scholars.